Ford Car Insurance

The price isn’t the only criterion to factor in when shopping for a car. As a Ford owner, you will need an insurance policy that will protect your car and your other assets – you will need a dependable service with flexible policy options. Whether you own the rugged F-150, the fuel-efficient Focus or the […]

Cost of Car Insurance in Florida

The state of Florida uses a no-fault insurance system, which means that your insurance company will pay for your medical bills and cover the property damages incurred in an accident, regardless of who was at fault. Auto insurance requirements in Florida The minimum insurance requirement in Florida is a 10/10 PIP/PD insurance policy: you need […]

Cost of Car Insurance in California

The state of California follows a full-tort auto insurance model, which means that somebody has to be found at fault in an accident and pay for the damages and eventual bodily injuries. Insurance requirements in California The state of California requires its motorists to hold at least a 15/30/5 liability insurance policy: $15,000 in bodily […]

Car Wash Liability Insurance – Are You Covered?

A comprehensive insurance policy should technically cover damages caused to your car in a wash shop. If you weren’t at fault in the incident (like, for instance, you didn’t scratch your car against a pole or a wall when you drove it in), then your insurance company is likely to be able to subrogate the […]

Hyundai Car Insurance

Hyundai is one of the multinational carmakers that have a word to say on the American car market. Hyundai’s lineup is filled with world-class cars that compete on many levels with prominent industry names like Honda and Toyota – and even Lexus and Acura – and their position is given by the low pricing, top-notch […]

Cadillac Car Insurance

Cadillac is an American luxury vehicle brand owned by General Motors Company (GM). They currently sell vehicles in 37 countries, with the primary market being North America, followed by China. Last year, Cadillac’s sales in the US were of a little less than 150,000 units. Cadillac’s best selling model since 2010 is the SRX crossover. […]

Dodge Car Insurance

Dodge is a US-based brand of cars owned by Chrysler Group LLC. They started off in 1900 under the name “Dodge Brothers Company” and were initially manufacturing various car supply parts and assemblies. Only 15 years after, Dodge began making their own vehicles. They were acquired by Chrysler Corporation in 1926 and became part of […]

Cost of Car Insurance in Texas

Texas is the second largest American state, following Alaska. The insurance requirements and median rates are much in line with the national averages. Insurance requirements in Texas As of January 1, 2011 the minimum coverage requirement in Texas is a 30/60/25 liability policy: $30,000 in bodily injury liability per injured passenger, up to $60,000 for […]

No Credit Check Auto Insurance Quotes

The FICO score was first introduced as a tool for financial institutions to assess your creditworthiness and abilities to pay back a loan. However, more and more companies have soon understood the other social and financial implications of a low score and, therefore, everybody is interested in your credit score these days, including utility suppliers, […]

Ballpark Auto Insurance Estimate

A ballpark auto insurance estimate is an approximate quote you can usually get from an insurance company’s website without giving in any personal information. When shopping around for the best insurance rates, it’s recommended that you keep the following information on hand: Your vehicle make, model and year. The insurance estimate you are going to […]