Ford Car Insurance

The price isn’t the only criterion to factor in when shopping for a car. As a Ford owner, you will need an insurance policy that will protect your car and your other assets – you will need a dependable service with flexible policy options. Whether you own the rugged F-150, the fuel-efficient Focus or the sporty Mustang, your insurance policy will need to cover all your driving needs.

We all know that it’s important to keep a good driving record, shop around for the best deals, maximize deductibles and qualify for many discounts if you want to spend less for your car insurance policy. But the car you are driving can lead to the biggest long-term savings if it’s inherently cheaper to insure in the first place. And Ford is.

The overall cheapest car to insure in 2013 will be a Ford – the 2013 Ford Edge SE. The average quote we got from our study is of $1,128, which is a whole 30% cheaper than the national median figure of $1,596. And it makes sense to be cheap to insure – the car is an affordable crossover (according to the manufacturer’s website, prices start at $27,555) with great reviews and really low frequency of accidents. Other cars that made it to the chart are Ford Explorer (8th cheapest) with an average quote of $1,197, and Ford Transit Connect XLT Premium with $1,210 per year.

For this study, the driver and owner of the car was picked to be a 40 year old man with a clean driving record (not even one minor traffic violation in the past three years) and a credit score of 720. Our subject commutes to work 15 miles every day, five days a week. We queried five of the major car insurance providers on today’s market – Allstate, GEICO, Nationwide, State Farm and Progressive. We aggregated the results from 25 random ZIP codes per state, in all 50 states.