Mercury Car Insurance

Mercury is a brand owned by Ford Motor Company and was founded in 1938. Mercury cars are meant to bridge the gap between the mainstream Ford models and the luxury Lincolns by tapping the entry-level luxury market. Starting 1945, Mercury and Lincoln were united under the same division of Ford.

The brand got discontinued in 2011, when Ford Motor Company announced that they will only be focusing on their regular Ford models and the luxury Lincolns. Production ceased in the fourth quarter of 2010, and the last model that came out of an assembly line was a Mercury Grand Marquis on January 4, 2011. Even though the company has so-called “2011” models for their Mariner and Milan models, they were in fact manufactured in 2010.

There are five popular Mercury models that are still on American roads and available to buy and sell on the used market. In spite of the cars being classified as “luxury”, they run on Ford platforms, so spare parts and labor costs aren’t outrageously high. They also come with high safety ratings and low accident rates. Insurance costs are quite low too – coverage for the mainstream Mercuries is well below $1,400. Here are the five models and their average yearly premiums:

  1. 2011 Mercury Grand Marquis – $1,280
  2. 2011 Mercury Mariner – $1,226
  3. 2011 Mercury Milan – $1,367
  4. 2010 Mercury Mountaineer – $1,267
  5. 2009 Mercury Sable – $1,170.

In other words, if you want a Mercury and your only concerns are about insurance premiums, then stop worrying. They cost way less than average to insure – the average national policy is almost $1,600, so you will even be saving a few hundred dollars each year. If you want a luxury car that’s made by the reputable German carmaker and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a Lincoln, then Mercury is the right choice for your needs.